My Story Tellers

My third class with Tory Brokenshire was entitled, Story Tellers. Akin to the Santos dolls I made earlier, each of these little creatures as they are being sculpted, come alive with their own stories. The Keeper of Secrets is a modern day Jack-in-the-Box, holding secrets inside where treasures can be buried and opened when needed….

Santos Doll Making with Tory Brokenshire

It’s been wild these past two weeks, two art conferences in two cities, in two different states, but that’s what had to happen to attend classes with three teachers I really admire. Tory Brokenshire from Salem, OR is a renaissance woman who can do it all, but I am most taken with her assemblages, specifically…

Rosita’s friends stopped by

Rosita’s friends arrived this weekend and Agnes became flustered during all the activity and decided she needed more air. She’s a demanding one. St. Ana loves her bracelets and isn’t above waving her arms a lot to direct everyone’s attention to what she is saying. She’s the one in the middle with the gazillion bracelets…

Catalina Santos Doll

Catalina shared a lot during her evolution. She confessed that she had seen both beautiful and tragic events in her past but that she was now looking forward to her retirement. She also shared that she had always admired women with long limbs. As a tall woman myself, I was only too happy to oblige….

St. Agnes, revealed

Agnes told me that she didn’t feel quite pretty enough, until I brought out the jewelry bag. She visibly moaned with delight as I placed the necklace around her neck. Can I say that about a Santos, moaned? Really? Well, she did, I swear. She especially wanted me to thank Jerry Kaylarian for her lovely…

WIP, more Santos

Working on a few more friends for Carlita……..stopped by our new Michael’s store and bought more stuff for crowns.

Am I a santeros or a santeras?

Who knew I was going to become a Santeros? Or would it be Santeras since I am female? I am no “saint maker” but did have fun creating these one-of-a-kind dolls. Santos dolls fascinate me, specifically the caged dolls for some time now. My last trip to Oaxaca, I saw some beautiful ones in an…