Free Spirits Amsterdam with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise

May is beautiful in Amsterdam, the tulips decorously dotting the landscape with everyone outside enjoying the beautiful weather either walking or riding a bicycle along the many picturesque canals and bridges. This will be our backdrop as we explore Amsterdam with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise next May 21-29.

This trip is going to be jammed packed with opportunities to create. Katie will be sharing her techniques in exploring our interior world through abstract and/or expressionist painting. Watching Katie paint is a mesmerizing experience and she inspires you to trust your intuition, learning to feel more comfortable metaphorically “walking in the darkness” as we paint, gently supporting and following the flow of the sacred mystery in our work as it reveals itself. Yes, this is how Katie talks about her paintings. Told you, mesmerizing.

Judy will explore and share Rembrandt’s shading techniques that we will see in his paintings and etchings inside his seventeenth-century home and studio. The guided tour will be illuminating, followed by lessons with Judy. This will be an intense day of learning with Judy. Here is a short video of an exhibit now at the Rijksmuseum.

Of course, there are special projects planned, museums to visit, cafes to eat in and markets to explore. Michel Fletcher, our friend and fellow artist who is moving to Amsterdam with her family assures us that there are wonderful places to share a meal in on every corner, one more fabulous than the next.

Accommodations will be at the boutique Hotel View, a very modern B&B that overlooks the canals. The hotel is just fifteen minutes from Daneilla Rubinovitz’s to die for Atelier Molenpad where Katie and Judy will teach.;; is graciously sharing her studio with us for the week and will be teaching a class as well, in fact with a live model. Very excited about this. Here is Daniella, she looks like she is a lot of fun.

Judy will talk about gestural drawings in preparation for this class.

You can read more about Daniella on her website or on Facebook.
Amsterdam with Katie and Judy, May 2016

The trips starts and ends in Amsterdam. The trip costs $3,300, is limited to 14 (there are 7 spots left) and includes:

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Opening reception
  • Lessons with Katie and Judy throughout the week
  • Live Model/Lesson with Daniella
  • Visits to the Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Rijks Museums
  • All but two meals
  • Cheese tastings, canal cruise, and many other surprises.
  • Farewell dinner at a very special restaurant
  • Time to explore Amsterdam on your own
  • New art tribe

Price does not include airfare to/from Amsterdam. Single rooms are limited and priced at $500.

A $1,000 nonrefundable deposit is due upon registration with the final payment due November 18. A payment schedule can be made, if needed. To register and pay your deposit, click on the image below.
If you have questions, please use the contact form below.

Your comments are appreciated.

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