Meet the Artist Lynn Whipple: A Q&A

Lynn Whipple is teaching Joy of Collage on Carla Sonheim’s network. She’s a joy so if you love to use collage in any form in your artwork, this class is a must!

lynnblog“Creativity = Happiness” by Lynn Whipple

lynnbiosmlOver the next few months I want to introduce you to our wonderful teaching artists in a bit more depth! And, since Lynn Whipple is repeating her wonderful class, “The Joy of Collage,” we’ll talk with Lynn today!

(Then when you receive instruction and feedback in a class, you can know who you are learning from! For details about Lynn’s upcoming class, which begins June 9th, click HERE!)

Lynn lives in Winter Park, Florida, and is currently co-teaching “2015: Year of the Spark!” with me and also has just launched a new line of cards: Creativity = Happiness (which you can find here at her etsy site!).

Lynn’s Booth at the NYC Stationary Show, 2015

lovepeanutbutter  blue bird of happinessTwo cards from Lynn’s new card line!

* * *

6 Questions about Artistic Process

1. What was your first artistic medium?(As a child or an adult)

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