When I grow up I want to be just like Judy Wise

When you speak to Judy Wise, you have her undivided attention. She is one of those people who looks you straight in the eye and actually listens to what you are saying. She is multi-talented and has earned her living as a very successful artist. Any question I have about art, I just ask Judy and she can explain it.

As I have traveled with Judy this past year, I have to keep pinching myself that she, the equally adorable and very special and talented Katie Kendrick and I are a team. We are planning trips clear into 2017!

And do I love Judy’s work ethic. She mentions she is thinking about adding another online course and two weeks later, it’s up, she’s advertised about it and is taking sign ups. She has online courses about painting faces, making sculpey dolls, hot wax, plaster, cold wax, and journaling. Her journals are amazing and part of her daily art practice. She even illustrates her wardrobe when she travels so she can see it and choose combinations from her journal.

I love that Judy, despite her years of practice, is still curious and continues to attend workshops. In fact, I am meeting her and our friends from our San Miguel trip, Jeanne Oliver and Alexis Garrett in Scotland right after my upcoming trip to Mexico City, to attend Gillian Lee Smith’s A Moment In time workshop in a small fishing village on the northern coast of Scotland. Scotland, people, I am going to Scotland and then to London to go to a few museums before returning home. This, too, will be an opportunity to learn from Judy. Like I said in the title, I want to be just like Judy when I grow up.

Our next trip and another great learning opportunity is to Bali in September with Sue Stover. The two of them have incredible knowledge and experience with dyeing. Combine that with the beauty of Bali….I am very excited to see and experience it all. Pinch me someone before I wake up. What a ride I am on.


We still have room on our Bali trip, contact me if you are interested or want more information on this trip to Bali or if you would like to be contacted regarding future trips with Judy and Katie — Amsterdam May 2016, Spain Sept. 2016, Chiapas and Italy in 2017.

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    Fabulous post a most wonderful woman and artist. I want to bee both of you when I grow up. Your new adventures look amazing. If I’m lucky I will be joining you on one. Enjoy your Mexico, Scottland & London trips. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures

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    1. We hope that you will join us, too, Betti!


  2. I met Judy online way back around the time my son was born. But then I met her in person a few years after. I had signed up for her workshop about the business of doing art. When I was searching for the room, I heard her laughter in the hallway and followed that sound as I was sure it was her. So I always think that I met her laughter before I met her. Which if you know her, it’s a very appropriate way to think of her! She’s hilarious, kind, generous, talented, and so wise.

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  3. Karen Cole says:

    Have probably filled this out before, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love this little tribute. I am a fan of you both!

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  4. Sue Stover says:

    Me too! I want to be just like Judy, now! Always inspiring and always fun to be with! I’m so looking forward to this trip with the both of you!

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  5. Michelle Unger says:

    Lovely, beautiful post, Kathie. I agree with you totally. I, too, want to be just like Judy Wise. But I doubt I will ever be that grown up! She certainly is my idea of a great, grand role model! Thanks for sharing your love for her.

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  6. Sunny Carvalho says:

    What a glorious endorsement of Judy and her wonderful work! I briefly met Judy at some event (Artfest, maybe?) but wasn’t able to spend any real time together in the rush of things. I SO admire her work and would love to meet her again.

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    1. Yes, Judy says it was at Artfest. She says you will definitely see her again.


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