Paint Mexico City – Part Two

Classes with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick are filled with painting lessons, techniques and wonderful projects. This trip did not disappoint. Judy started by talking about perspective and composition and then how to paint faces using the local paint that she loves using while in Mexico. We proceeded to paint faces that we would later use in a project with Katie.



Katie showed us her method of painting faces that we used for our dolls made with felted wool. I have become quite addicted to making these and now have another supply item to hoard.

Katie painting faces. Photo by Judy Wise




Judy’s doll, made with sculpey, was also an exercise in painting and assemblage. It was amazing to see what everyone produced from these two doll classes.

Our final project was making a cardboard frame with lots of texture using the Mexican version of plaster. We added our pictures made earlier with Judy. Again, everyone made spectactular projects and I was really impressed how the artists accomplished so much in such a short, concentrated time.

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  1. ronna currier says:

    Wonderful pictures. I followed the journey vicariously. Hope to make one of these adventures soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you can, too. I’ll be announcing 2016 trips soon!


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