Sweet Savannah

One of the highlights in our recent trip to Savannah with the Living Studio and Jeanne Oliver was our exposure to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The school has over 12,000 students and owns over 65 buildings in the city, many rehabilitated by the school. There are six galleries that are open to the public and the SCAD Museum. Serendipity allowed us to visit this museum because another museum was closed. There were three exhibits, an assemblage/mixed media exhibit by Nari Ward entitled “So-Called,” a representation of  beautifully designed Oscar de la Renta dresses and an unusual display of cigarettes for which I was thankful I didn’t have to stage because the smell of tobacco was overwhelming.

Outside there was a small house with a piano covered with keys and on the back was a screen showing the original store with thousands of keys and locks with a running story. Pretty cool for an assemblage artist to see.
The exhibits were great, but the most exciting thing we did was to participate in a live model studio. Everyone was so gracious to us and several insisted that we take our sketchbooks in and draw. Jeanne was over the moon because we were actually living her dream for the Living Studio. And we were so proud of our group because they all jumped in and sketched. It was my first time sketching live models.

The man on the right worked for Dreamworks for 20 years as an animator, is a graduate of SCAD and is drawing on the computer while the rest of used more traditional methods.

On the way out with our minds and hearts full we spied an antique store across the street. That was another good find. This was the way our last day went, one serendipitous thing after another. We ebbed and flowed with the best group of women who wholeheartedly joined in the adventure.
On one of our walks home, Jeanne and I discovered another SCAD gallery. Everything in the exhibit by Scott Carter  is made out of sheet rock, including the walls. Pretty awesome.

Here is our group of wonderful artists that we enjoyed so much in Savannah. Jeanne’s next Living Studio stateside will be in my hometown of Seattle next year. Details will be forthcoming but if you are interested, message me to be put on the list to contact.

Our merry band of artists!

Here is the link to the post Jeanne wrote about our trip together.

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  1. Always a good time in Savannah! I so wanted to go on this trip, but alas, I am busy helping my son out with his SCAD education! Go figure! Haha. It is a wonderful school and Savannah is a wonderful city. Maybe Savannah will be a Living Studio someday again, back by popular demand?!

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    1. Your son is very lucky to be going to SCAD. We were so impressed with everyone that we came into contact with. My friend and I actually walked into the administration building next to the store while there was an event so we were able to see that building, too and all of its beautiful artwork. We may go back to Savannah, so stay tuned!


  2. gonerustic says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Love the sheet rock sculptures … 🙂


    1. I know, I was shocked when the docent told us that the walls were also made out of sheet rock. Very cool installation.

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  3. Please add me to the list for your Seattle trip. It’s stateside and possibly more within my budget. Thank you!

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    1. Your name is on the list!


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