Building history with Lisa Pressman

Lisa explains her method of building history in her paintings in this video. This is an example of what we will learn with Lisa in our workshop in Bali. If you are friends with Judy Wise, you can see what effect attending Lisa’s workshop has had on her paintings since she attended her retreat in Portland in January. She has been producing amazing work in acrylics. Lisa inspires all levels of artists to produce great work. I’ve seen it in person. She has the ability to make you look at your painting with a different perspective and quietly guides you by saying “what if?” It’s her favorite mantra. What if you go to Bali, learn from Lisa, and what if you go home with a life changing experience? What if?

Want to play with Lisa? In Bali, in an amazing hotel on the east coast of Bali with visits to temples, a weaving village with time for hiking, snorkeling and hanging out at the pool? Join us for Capturing the Essence of Bali August 29-Sept. 5.

Your comments are appreciated.

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