Creating with aBandon

Couldn’t resist the play on words. I spent last week in Bandon, Oregon with a group of very creative women. One of our activities was creating these dolls with Katie Kendrick. As a long time sewer, this was a wonderfully creative outlet for me. There is something contemplative about painting a face and watching a character come alive. They start to guide you in color choices for their clothing and accessories.

We stitched, stuffed and beautified each of our dolls. Of course, they had to have names, too. My tall one, Carlita, tends to her birds each day making sure that they are fed and nestled into their nest each night. Lucy Goose loves her special headdress that Katie shared with her. Isn’t she gorgeous with her flowers and leggings?

We had so much fun making these dolls that we encouraged Katie to create an online class. Self on a Shelf is in the works, but in the meantime, Katie is going to teach a class at my house in Gig Harbor, WA on March 7 and 8. We are going to squeeze in a class before we leave for Mexico City on the 12th. Contact me for details. These are a lot of fun to make, no sewing skills are needed. If you can thread a needle, you can make one of these adorable creatures. Come play with us!

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