Lisa Pressman featured in Huffington Post

Lisa Pressman has one of the top ten memorable paintings for 2014, according to John Seed Professor of Art and Art History at Mt. San Jacinto College. Featured in an article for
Huffington Post, the art and artists were culled from over 500 down to 10. Seen as a group, they represent a slice of what Seed thinks matters in painting, and if he had to present his taste as a list of adjectives, the words authentic, masterful and heartfelt would be on it. This painting by Lisa entitled “the Darkest Day” is the one chosen by Seed.;
The Darkest Day
by Lisa Pressman

Seed goes on to say that Lisa Pressman has developed a convincing personal language that is fused with a wonderful feeling for materials. This is mature, hard-won work.

Seed also names one of my other favorite artists, Rebecca Crowell. Here is her painting selected by Seed.;
Red Boge
by Rebecca Crowell

Lisa and I are working on a trip together to Bali next year August 29-Sept. 5. We are putting the details together but if you are interested and would like me to send you more information, please message me.

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  1. Linda Lou Horn says:


    Please send info about Bali trip.


    Linda Lou Horn

    Sent from my iPad


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    1. Will do, Linda. Thanks for contacting me.


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