I love rust!

Encaustic Painting by Pam Nichols

There is an advantage to hosting a workshop at your house. You get first dibs on the artwork brought by the artist. This is the gorgeous piece I purchased from Pam Nichols who taught Dyeing to Rust, an encaustic and rust workshop.

What a weekend we had in this class. Can I say that I squealed more than once as I played with all of the cool rusty pieces Pam brought for our rusting. Of course, we now have a date to go picking at the place where she acquired most of her treasures. I LOVE playing with rust and encaustic. Pam’s aesthetic is similar to mine. She likes to attach rusty bits to her pieces as do I. I am always drawn to adding pieces to my paintings so imagine how thrilled I was to discover Pam and her work. Here are four of the pieces I completed. There is another but I have to not share it since it is a Christmas present.

Pam is a generous, enthusiastic teacher and there were some amazing pieces that came out of this workshop, including work from four newbies to the encaustic process. We are planning a second Dyeing to Rust workshop at the end of May. Message me if you are interested. There is a list already started. And watch out for this artist, Pam is focused and has a plan. I can’t wait to watch her achieve her goals.

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  1. Dorylyn says:

    You know I love rust!! Would she consider an online class? dorylyn

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    1. Hi Dory, I’ll ask her! She’s hoping to write a book which I strongly encouraged her to do because I think this will appeal to a lot of people, not only to encaustic artists but other mixed media artists, too.


  2. kampysgirl says:

    Gorgeous piece Kathy- both yours and Pam’s! Sounds like you had so much fun- I look forward to more!

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    1. We did, it was a great weekend and everyone’s work was just stellar. Pam is a great teacher.


  3. Beautiful work! I am hoping to make the May class!

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    1. I’ve already got your name down in my list, Victoria. Hope you can make it, too.


  4. Amy Persons says:

    I enjoy seeing how you choose and balance colors. Lovely!

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