Deconstructing a piano is no small task

Ever since I saw my fellow assemblage artist, Greg Hanson’s blog posting about finding piano parts in the metro station during his 6-month gleaning program, I was hankering to get my hands on a piano. Recently,  my friend was innocently telling me about cleaning out her house and one of the items she had to get rid of was a piano. What?!  My ears perked up and upon further discussion,  found out that she  had an organ that her housemates were willing to let go of as well. A date was set and off I went, Builder Bob in tow. We disassembled large parts there and then I further deconstructed them at home. It was not a small task. Let me tell you, there are a lot of screws in a well made piano. Now I have more than enough bits and pieces and I think I will share my bounty with some of my fellow assemblage artists.

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  1. OMG I can’t believe you did that. But then I can’t believe I once stole some of the ornate wood carvings off the front of an old weather crumbled piano. I only wish I had taken more… the keys.

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    1. You did what? Omg, Sharon, you wouldn’t believe what it would have taken to take some of those keys…Want some? I’ll share with you.


  2. kampysgirl says:

    Omgosh!! How fun! What a score! Not only a piano but an organ too!! I still lick myself for leaving my vintage 1870 Mahogany square grand with my ex!! Ohhhhh! The carvings and ivory keys!!

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    1. Well, I hoped you kicked yourself and not licked yourself…..LOL. You could have had a lot of fun taking that hummer apart.


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