Dyeing to Rust with Pam Nichols

I fell in love with Pam Nichols’s work when I saw her corset series as I scrolled through Pinterest boards.

Imagine my surprise at the end of my class with Lisa Pressman this spring, when “Pam” hands me her business card as we are saying good by and I see her last name. I kind of freaked out and told her how much I loved her work. Yes, I had a moment.

I stayed in touch with her hoping to connect again and when I heard that she was going to teach her method of using rust and wax (two of my favs!) at Encausticon, an encaustic conference, I jumped at the chance of asking her to teach locally, thus saving me a trip to Miami. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Rust and wax. I will be in heaven for three days.

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    OMG! I just fell in love. Rust, wax corsets ! When is the class you are planning for three days?

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  2. kampysgirl says:

    Wow- what a cool series!Those corsets are gorgeous!

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    1. I know, right, so unique.


      1. I too was blown away when I saw the corset series! AND when are you planning on doing a workshop? I hope it is either in Northern Calif. and or southern Tucson–to be exact, Tucson.!

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      2. It is going to be in Gig Harbor, WA, Cecelia. Interested?


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