Paint Oaxaca Tribe – Part Two

My new tribe of wonderful women who created lasting memories with their stories, art and friendships. So thankful that they made this first journey with me.

We saw a lot of art not only in Las Bugambilias, but in the streets, in museums and, of course, the art we made ourselves.

A few more special shots….

The motto of Las Bugambilias is that “we do not receive hosts, we receive friends.” Emilia and her family and their staff truly do make you feel as though their home is yours. Besos to all.

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  1. paulafava says:

    Wonderful … the Joy is Palpable:))

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    1. Could have used your mad photo skills, Paula. I did the best I could with my phone.


      1. paulafava says:

        You did GREAT! And yet … I am ‘conjuring’ an idea for the next adventure, which ‘may’ help me join the merry sistahs:)). First … I MUST complete our SMA dvd … then, we can talk … maybe:)))?

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  2. kampysgirl says:

    Wonderful photos Kathie!! Thanks so much for sharing some of the highlights of your trip! I love the statue of the Skellie!! very cool!

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    1. Thanks, I love the Skellie, too. So cool to be surrounded by the artwork as we created our own.


  3. Ellen Schwab says:

    Great photos! Please do host this again sometime!!


    1. How about DOD 2016, Ellen? Or Feb. 2016? I’ll keep you posted.


  4. Amy Persons says:

    What a wonderful trip. I’m sure your participants will remember it forever.

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