Paint Oaxaca Tribe

Paint Oaxaca was as memorable for me as it was for our participants. Not only did I get to add remarkable women to my art tribe, but for some, this was a trip of a lifetime and I am so honored that I was able to offer the opportunity. And then, spending 10 days with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise, well that was just sheer pleasure. And then there is mi amiga, Ana Elena, always a pleasure traveling with her and now she is meeting my art peeps. Just joy all around.

Judy posted twice about the trip and she has such beautiful photographs from our trip, be sure you go here to see them.

There were many parades while we were there…..

The food, well, Ana Elena and I do know how to choose good food, with an assist by Rene Cabrera in identifying Zicanda as a new must visit restaurant. And Orijen was our choice for a farewell dinner and Chef Rodolfo Castellanos did not disappoint. I even received a kiss on the cheek from Katie thanking me for such a wonderful dining experience halfway through the meal.

We visited different artisans, sites and museums…

More in a separate post. Too much to share in one and I haven’t even gotten to the art yet.

Your comments are appreciated.

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