Cat Bennett wins a gold medal

Congratulations to Cat Bennett for her book Making Art a Practice winning a gold medal from Foreword Reviews, the go-to indie book review for libraries and bookstores!

Cat recently returned from a drawing workshop in Greece on the island of Skyros. She wrote about her experience there with students from around the world. Here is an excerpt.

“Most of the students were from England, Ireland, Scandinavia and Italy. I was impressed how quickly everyone allowed themselves to abandon traditional ideas about drawing with accuracy and getting things “right.” We drew in abstract ways, with our eyes only on what we were drawing and we drew even with our eyes closed. We drew from memory too. We got interested in what we were seeing and discovering, and the ways we could go into uncharted territory to create new experiences and invent. We looked at the things we were telling ourselves as so many of those things can hold us back. Part of our work became watching the mind and changing any negatives to positives. This really opened us up to boldness. And we learned to ask good questions. Why? Why not? What do we see, what can we do with it, what can we offer of ourselves? And what do we see of ourselves in the work too? We each have a unique perspective, our own story and sensibility, so working together is a great way to see our perspective as well as appreciate that of others. Working in a situation like this brought people from different parts of the world together and our assumptions became more evident. It was great. Art is so wonderfully immediate as a way of sharing insight and spirit.”
Cat standing in front of her bamboo hut on Skyros

While this hut is “cute,” this is the hut where we will be practicing our art at the The Jungle Lodge at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa in February.
Costa Rica Yoga Spa

A pleasant surprise is that during our retreat, we will have the chance to dance with Amber Ryan, a frequent teacher at the Yoga Center. Amber is a healing artist with an embodiment and articulation of the 5Rhythms® that inspires depth and expansion. The 5Rhythms® is a simple yet profound moving meditation practice created by Gabrielle Roth. It is designed to bring out each individual’s creative potential as well as being a catalyst for deep healing in the body, mind, and soul regardless of your age, shape, gender, or physical endurance level.

With a rich background in theatre and dance, Amber’s professional credits include two time dance captain to Emmy award winning choreographer Mia Michaels, Manager of Productions at The Moving Center New York, and faculty for Gabrielle Roth’s first 5Rhythms Reach Out program for kids.

Paint with Cat and Katie, eat organic food picked from the finca (farm), dance with Amber, practice yoga, fly through the treetops and kayak? Sounds wonderful to me, especially in February.

We still have space left for Create Costa Rica with Cat Bennett and Katie Kendrick scheduled for Feb. 6-13, 2015. If you would like to join us, please use the contact form below.

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    Looks like a fab lady to art with. Wish I could go on your Costa Rica trip… Hopefully next time


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