The lull of a water wall
Our water wall that we can turn on and off with a remote!

Last summer, we built a shed behind the house so that we could move the garden equipment into it which gave us more room in the garage for our “projects.” Assemblage materials and encaustics for me, and tiles and wood for Builder Bob. This summer’s project was to finish the wall that I had envisioned as a water wall. Bob did the engineering figuring out how to get the water, electricity and structural elements aligned with my vision. He is so good at that and I am quite spoiled that I know that he will always figure out how to make what I see in my head work in real-time. Bob left for Home Depot to make yet another run for that one more item that we needed and I took that air gun and went to town nailing the reclaimed wood that I had torn apart from existing tables and chairs. It was liberating and I had so much fun. By the time he came back, I was done and we don’t live that far from Home Depot. It just came together so quickly. Like my painting, I didn’t think it through, just grabbed pieces of wood and nailed them.

We finished just in time to share it with our friends from college who came to our house for a little mini-reunion. We all met at college with the guys sharing the Sig Ep fraternity at Washington State University. We had a beautiful evening with great drinks, food, and friends.

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    Fabulous water wall! You and builder boy should go on the road and design and build more.


    1. You are too funny, Betti. You’ll see it soon!


  2. Ellen Schwab says:

    The wall is beautiful! Very impressive!!


    1. Thanks, Ellen, can’t wait to have you enjoy it–when are you coming out here?


  3. Sunny Carvalho says:

    Oh, wow! That is so cool!!! I want Builder Bob to come to Alabama and build one for my new studio!


    1. He’s for hire. .. And I know you can do the part I did!


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