Girl with the red cap

Signing up for Unearth-Gather and Create with Gillian Smith is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I have shared several online courses with Gillian and her pictures were always amazing so when she said that she was developing an online course, I couldn’t wait to hit the Paypal button, despite that it was starting when I was teaching my online course, which meant that I could not take part “live” each day. It’s okay. I am taking my time with this one, soaking it all in. The breadth of information Gillian is developing for this class is amazing and it is taking a while to go through the exercises each week. The class is on week five and I am on week two, along with some of my other regular online buddies. I would say that this course is not for a beginner but with someone with a little painting and drawing under their belt. This course will change the way you practice your art, I guarantee it and you know that I am not a neophyte when it comes to taking online courses.

The Girl with the red cap is my first all pastel portrait and I am finding that I love to work with the medium. Of course, I had to order more with the Dick Blick special this week. Can’t wait to receive them and separate them into the cool and warm colors the way Gillian taught us. Thanks, Gillian, I am having a ball.

Gillian is running a second session of this class starting June 23rd. I don’t know if it is full, but if you can, run to your PayPal account and sign up!

Your comments are appreciated.

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