Cold Wax with Rebecca Crowell

As my first online course goes live, I am allaying some of my nervousness by sharing the works of a very talented painter, Rebecca Crowell. Rebecca is a painter who uses cold wax medium (CWM) as opposed to encaustic hot wax. Both use beeswax but cold wax does not use any heat source and can be used at room temperature. It does not have damar resin but instead, has solvent added to it.

As you see in the video, she works with cold wax on several pieces at a time and then mixes them interchangeably until she finds the correct piece to each puzzle. Her work is abstract but with texture and mark making. It’s gorgeous. You can find more of her work on my Cold Wax Pinterest board.

To learn more about cold wax, go here. To join the facebook page, go here where you can find notices for upcoming workshops, and more information regarding CWM (Cold Wax Medium).

To sign up for my Plaster and Wax 101 course, go to Jeanne Oliver’s website.

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  1. Tracy Pegg says:

    OMGosh! My heart is flipping happy. I love this cold wax stuff. I could hardly work today. I just wanted to sneak to the internet and check it all out.
    Thanks Kathie. Can’t wait to learn more.


    1. Tracy, have you taken Judy Wise’s cold wax e course? If you go to her blog, the course is listed on the right hand column.


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