Let’s go to Mexico with Jane “Danger” Davenport!


Danger is her name, art is her game.  You have heard me mention Jane Davenport before, as I have taken several of her workshops and she is who I hear in my head as I paint. She has influenced me greatly in my art practice, so imagine how thrilled I am that she wants to go to Mexico to teach her workshops.

If you do not know Jane or “Danger,” let me introduce you. She lives in the “Nest” in Byron Bay, Australia with her husband, Gus and their two dogs, Tinsel and Moo. She is a professional artist, photographer, international workshop leader, and self-proclaimed art supply junky. Oh, and a Koala mamma–she has koalas in her garden.

Her super powers include fashion illustration, textile design, runway photography, artomology (her love of ladybirds is legendary–and she has four published books on bugs to prove it), and is a licensed artist with artwork in galleries, books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and the list continues. She owned her own gallery but now concentrates on teaching workshops. Her online videos are F A B U L O U S. She has her own mixed media club Artini online that is open to everyone.

Here’s a little visual treat of Jane and her work. Don’t miss who is on her artbag–Frida!

Jane is offering two workshops in April 2015. Yes, 2015, long enough to make plans, and squirrel away your pennies for what will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Hang on to your paint brushes and markers, Jane Davenport and Frida Kahlo in the second largest city in the world? Will Mexico City be large enough to hold all that goodness? Join us for what will be an amazing workshop with Jane, April 11-18, 2015.

Our home base will be The Red Tree House in the Condesa neighborhood where I know Jane will be thrilled to see the dog friendly bowls of water set outside most restaurants. It’s too bad that Tinsel and Moo will not be able to join us. The Red Tree House has been voted the #1 B&B in Mexico City for many years. Here is who will greet you as you enter the door, followed closely by our hosts, Jorge and Craig.


Frida will be the inspiration for drawing, painting, and filling many pages of gorgeous artwork as we create with Jane during the week. On our first day we will travel to Frida’s Blue house in Coyacan, www.kathievezzani.comwith a side visit to Art collector and philanthropist, Dolores Olmedo’s home who died in 2002 and was a friend and former lover of Diego Rivera, and as executor of his and Frida’s estates, became the largest private collector of art by Diego Rivera. Many of Frida’s works, as well other artists are exhibited in her grand Hacienda La Noria in Xochomilco, now called the Museo Doloros Olmedo. We also will visit another house owned by Rivera and Kahlo.

We will start our day eating the scrumptious breakfasts provided by the Red Tree House. Get there early to grab one or two of the delicious churros made daily. Lessons will be held on the rooftop terrace of the Red Tree House Annex, with breaks for comida, the main meal of the day. Class will resume after our break until late afternoon when there will be free time to wander around, finish your day’s work or take a little siesta. There are wonderful restaurants throughout the Condesa neighborhood and we will give you a list for those nights on your own for dinner.


Our second travel day, we will visit Chapultepec castle with its vast art collection and unparalleled views of the city, the enormous zócolo where the Palacio Nacional is located with the amazing Diego Rivera murals, and the Museo de Arte Popular that showcases folk art from around the country. It will be a visual feast for the day. Of course, we will stop and feed you to keep your energy going.

We also will visit a local market to view and buy items to take home. We will be guided by Ana Elena Martínez who is one of our trip organizers who lives in Puebla and is a pastry chef with three very successful bakeries in her hometown. And on one of our last evenings together, we will have the privilege of visiting professional photographer Igancio Urquiza, known fondly as Nacho, and his wife, Laura Cordera, a food stylist, in their beautiful art-filled home. Nacho will share a power point presentation of art related photos he has taken throughout Mexico, which will be accompanied by little plates of treats. It will be an amazing evening.

And did I mention, you will be making amazing art because Jane is a fantastic teacher and thrives on sharing her love of mixed media. You can see her blog here, her art lessons with Cloth-Paper-Scissors here, and her first mixed media book will soon be published by Quarry.

The trip costs $3100 includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation at the Red Tree House, based on double occupancy
  • 7 breakfasts and lunches (comida)
  • Arrival reception
  • Five days of creating with the amazing Jane Davenport!
  • Two Dinners
  • Visits to museums
  • Time to explore the Condesa neighborhood
  • Private session with Jane
  • Final night dinner
  • New art tribe
  • You get to meet Gus!

It does not include travel to/from Mexico City or transfers from the airport to the Red Tree House (about 250 pesos).

To register for the April 11-18, 2015 trip to Mexico City contact Kathie Vezzani using the form below. The trip will be limited to 12 participants and there are limited number of single rooms so register early if you want one. A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is due now with the remaining payment due Feb. 1, 2015. Installments can be made for the remaining balance. We strongly urge you to take out trip insurance, and if for some reason you cannot make it, you may transfer your registration to someone else.  Travel Guard has several options to choose from.

We can’t wait to see you in Mexico!

www.kathievezzani.com; http://www.instituteofcute.com/

The trip to Oaxaca, Oaxaca April 18-25, 2015 has been cancelled

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