Mesmerizing art of José Rodríguez;José Rodríguez; Jose Rodriguez;José Rodríguez;José Rodríguez;

I find these pieces by El Salvador artist José Rodríguez fascinating. He doesn’t have a website so finding information about him outside of facebook was daunting, but I did find the following blurb from a show he did a couple of years ago.

José Rodríguez makes a radical departure from reality by creating environments that appear as foreign as they are beautiful, employing his skill in drawing and painting and utilizing hyper-realism and the surreal. His figures often mesmerize viewers with a fixed gaze, imploring them to participate in a scene that defies all logic. The quietly intense power of Rodriguez’s surreal world has earned him a following recognized by critics and collectors alike, and during the past fifteen years he has won top awards in both national and international museum competitions. His work has been acquired by the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, the Museum of Art and Design in Costa Rica, as well as by private collectors in Spain, New York, Miami, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Italy and Morocco. (An excerpt from a posting from Salt Fine Art.)

You can find him on Facebook.

For more images go to Artodyssey’s posting on his work.

Your comments are appreciated.

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