There’s a theme going on

Today’s Pinterest picks seemed to have a theme so I thought I would share these very cool encaustic pieces that I pinned to my Encaustic Board.

Fledglings by Kathy Miller at IronBearPress.; Kathy Miller

Kim Bruce has a whole shoe series called “heels” on her website.;; encaustic

And this little beauty is by Alicia Tormey.; Alicia Tormey

This piece by Louise Richardson is not encaustic, but still fits today’s theme. Check her photo stream on her flicker site, she makes wonderful pieces of art.;Louise Richardson

To see more of my picks, go here to my Pinterest boards.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Betti Zucker says:

    LOVE your post…. such wonderful waxy ideas!


  2. loramahaffey says:

    Love Louise Richardson’s piece! Great post, Kathy! On my way over to check out your Pinterest……


    1. Hi Lora, hope you checked out her flicker stream, she has several cool pieces.


  3. Amy Persons says:

    They are all interesting and very cool. I like, in particular, Louise Richardon’s piece.


    1. Check her flicker site, Amy, she has several other clothing pieces.


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