Homage to a wonderful Italian I knew

Recently, my family lost the most wonderful, proud Italian, my father-in-law, the man my husband was named after, although I called him Mr. V. He lived a long life full of family and good friends and was a supportive and loving grandfather to my two sons.  He loved me unconditionally and I will always treasure our time together, especially the times we shared on the golf course.

This piece kind of rattled around in my head for a week while I was acknowledging his death and my grief. It’s called, Final Ascension. I started with a drawer, added plaster to the inside,  a layered background, then encaustic wax and oils. The piece from a watch hanging on the outside right frame represents time unraveling, and small pieces of watches embedded into the wax show the path through the sky toward the top.

www.kathievezzani.com, plaster, encaustic, assemblage, bird, ladder

www.kathievezzani.com, plaster, encaustic, assemblage

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