Paint Oaxaca with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise; Katie Kendrick, Judy Wise, Paint Oaxaca
Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick
Photo by Paula Fava

Update 1/29/14 This trip is full and a waiting list has been started.

Today is the day I get to unleash my exciting news! It is time to marry 17 years of culinary trips to Mexico with my artistic passion and admiration for two exceptional artists, Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick. Internationally recognized and published artists, Judy and Katie have criss-crossed the country teaching workshops and teaching online, sharing their knowledge, experience and methods for creating mixed media art. They both are multi-faceted artists using a variety of mediums to create their unique styles including encaustic wax, plaster, fabric, printing techniques, and whatever else intrigues them. They are joyous, generous teachers who inspire.

We are so excited to share that we are offering Paint Oaxaca in Oaxaca, Mexico September 6-14, 2014. Oaxaca is a beautiful city filled with breathtaking beauty, people, architecture, food (moles, lots of them), and most importantly, art. Especially the art we will make with Judy and Katie.

There will be an introduction to Oaxacan arts and crafts with former gallery owner, Mary Jane Gagnier, author of Oaxaca Celebrations.

We will see the famous black pottery and visit the nearby village where the colorful albreijes or wooden carvings are made with a demonstration on how they use natural ingredients for painting, including the cochineal bug from the Opuntia cactus or nopales. We have warned the cochineal farm where we will visit, that you will want to buy some of this unique and fabulous powder for your paintings.; Paint Oaxaca

There will be four full days of classes with Judy and Katie with little surprises thrown in here and there, and yes, one may include chocolate. Judy is preparing a fabulous class with a guest artist on painting ex-votos on tin. You won’t want to miss this, our guest artist is fantastic, and quite charming!

Katie is designing painting classes that will incorporate interpreting Mexican artists and a treasure hunt at the huge Abastos Mercado. And they have more surprises for us as we Paint Oaxaca. More in-depth descriptions of their classes will be forthcoming later in December.

We can’t be in Oaxaca without experiencing the food. There will be two classes, one with Pastry Chef Ana Elena Martinez from Puebla and one at Susana Trilling’s Season of My Heart cooking school. You can read more here.; Paint Oaxaca
Susana Trilling’s Seasons of My Heart Cooking School

On the way to Susana’s we will stop at the beautiful Centro de Las Artes de San Agustín (CASA) where you will want to apply for an artist’s sabbatical, and down the hill we will visit the Arte Papel in Vista Hermosa La Fabrica de Papal where you can buy colorful handmade paper, necklaces and earrings, all made from paper.; Paint Oaxaca
Photo by Judy Wise

Now meet our friend, Emilia Arroyo Cabrera.; Paint Oaxaca
Emilia Arroyo Cabrera

Isn’t she beautiful? She is the matriarch of the Cabrera family with whom we will be staying in Oaxaca at their beautiful B& B.
You can see more information here. Her daughter, Pilar is a chef and runs their cooking school and restaurant, La Olla, and she will prepare our meals. Most breakfasts and lunches will be on site at Bugambilias.

A welcoming fiesta is planned on the rooftop, and four dinners, including a final meal at Orijen, one of the most sought after reservations in Oaxaca. Paint Oaxaca
El Secreto

You will also meet Rene, Emilia’s son who will be with us as a tour guide and his wife, Adriana helps run the three B&B’s. It’s truly a family run business.

And here is where Emilia offers the temazcal that purifies your mind, body and spirit. She is an extraordinary healer. You can sign up for this service and/or a massage. For more information and images go here.

We hope you can join us for this extraordinary opportunity to
Paint Oaxaca with Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise.

The trip costs $2,980 based on double occupancy

  • Includes 8 night’s accommodation at Casa de las Bugambilias
  • Welcoming fiesta
  • Painting and creating with Katie and Judy
  • Guest artist lesson
  • Eight breakfasts, Five lunches with Chef Pilar Cabrera and her staff
  • Four dinners
  • Farewell Dinner at coveted restaurant in Oaxaca with special menu planned for us
  • Two cooking classes with two women chefs
  • Market tour
  • Visits to artisans
  • Visit to museum and paper store
  • Art supplies
  • Transportation within Oaxaca
  • Time to explore Oaxaca and its many artful offerings
  • Opportunity to sign up for massages and/or a temazcal
  • A new art tribe 

Excludes airfare to/from Oaxaca and taxi to/from airport (approximatley 250 pesos)

The trip will be limited to 12 participants and there are just a couple of single rooms so register early if you want one. A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is due now with the remaining payment due May 1. Installments can be made for the remaining balance.

This is an opportunity to experience the marvels of Oaxaca with two extraordinary artists. We hope you can join us and won’t this make a great holiday gift to yourself?! Contact Kathie for more information or to register by filling out the contact form below.

24 Comments Add yours

  1. Iknowyou-youknowme says:

    Kathie, I have made similar trips and am amazed at what you have packed into this itinerary for that price!!!! This is Big Bang for the Bucks, and several once in a lifetime experiences. Oaxaca is the center of the universe.
    Kudos, Girl!
    And, for the record, you are a blast to travel with . . . See you soon!


    1. Thanks, Kathy, I appreciate your support and really looking forward to traveling together again.


  2. Tracy Pegg says:

    I am very very interested! Is price the same for single occupancy?


    1. No it’s not, Tracy. I messaged you.


      1. Tracy Pegg says:

        I sent my info. I do believe Im going solo because i have not heard back from my friend.
        Are there any single rooms left?


      2. Yes, Tracy, I messaged you. Glad you are going to join us!


      3. Tracy Pegg says:

        Great! How do I sign up and send money?


      4. I emailed you the form.


  3. Judie Hill says:

    This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. If I were an artist I would love it. I am afraid my extra money is going to Honduras again this year, but the itinerary you have laid out sounds just wonderful!!!



    1. Thanks, Judie, I wish you were an artist, too, so that you could join us. You would love Katie and Judy. See you in class.


  4. Karen Cole says:

    Check is in the mail! I have been longing to go to Oaxaca forever.This is a dream trip that I would not want to miss. Amazing people, ART, FOOD, CHOCOLATE, colors, crafts, breathtaking scenery. See you in September……..good title for a song.


    1. You know how excited we are that YOU are going to join us. Can’t wait for the fun to begin. I think we are going to have to talk to the bartender at La Olla about making ginger margaritas! Perhaps we should start experimenting with our own recipes until then?


  5. Amy Persons says:

    This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to explore Oaxaca with experienced leaders, instructors, great art, and wonderful food. Not to be missed!


    1. Thanks for your endorsement, Amy. Enjoy your trip to Cuba, can’t wait to hear about it.


  6. Julie says:

    Having traveled to Oaxaca and Michoacan with Kathie, I know this will be a special trip. I love how she has combined the visual arts with the culinary arts. Sustenance for the body and soul. Have been to several of the places she will be visiting: Bugambillas, the art center, seasons of my heart , etc. she has culled the best places and people to put together a marvelous sounding trip.


    1. Thanks for taking time to write this, Julie, while in Merida. I know you must be very busy. Big hug to you and Joe. I can hear Joe playing his flute from here………happy holidays.


  7. Anne Fennessy says:

    Traveling with Kathie is fantastic! She makes sure we have fun, variety and is open to spur of the moment opportunities that make it a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You meet great people on the trip, terrific chefs and artisans too.


    1. Thanks, Fen, for your kind comments. Traveling with you can’t be anything but fun!


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