Inspired art from Pilgrimage in Paint, San Miguel de Allende

I knew that if I was taking a class with Judy Wise, encaustic would be involved, and a class with Katie Kendrick meant there would be cardboard. Added to these two mediums was plaster. What more could an artist ask for? Well, a little paint, too.
front cover of the my triptych
Triptych made with cardboard, acrylics and encaustic
I also used cochineal powder for the red. Bag we created for our completed artwork. Mine is stuffed!; Katie Kendrick
I was the lucky artist who received Katie’s triptych. Yeah!

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    wow, I ‘m so glad we met this summer as you have enriched my life with your art, travels and personality‚Ķ.. love every minute of the adventure.


    1. You are so sweet, Betti. I am so happy that we met, too.


  2. Kathie, I love all your pieces from the retreat. Love that stuffed bag too. And how lucky you are to bring home Katie’s triptych.


    1. Thanks, Sharon. Did you receive your ATC yet?


  3. Amy Persons says:

    I see the colors of San Miguel in these pieces. Lovely.


    1. You’ll be going back, some day, Amy.


  4. steven wellman says:

    Pretty Lucky, Kathie.


  5. This are all really beautiful pieces Kathie. It was hard to really see them when you shared them with us via Skype. Now I can really appreciate the influence these two women had/have on you. Maybe I’ll be lucky to be in their presence someday.


    1. How about in Oaxaca in September?


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