Meet Jeanne Oliver
Jeanne Oliver
Photo by Paula Fava

This woman’s laugh needs to be bottled and marketed. It will turn the most mundane into the extraordinary, and a dull moment into one of hysteria, the kind that you involuntarily pee your pants. It is absolutely infectious. She and her friend, Alexis, another sweetheart, were, as one pilgrim said, “the icing on the cake” of our experience in San Miguel. Not only are these two women genuine friends, they are both very talented artists and they are wonderful storytellers, especially Alexis. She had us in stitches, a lot. And, guess what? They met at a workshop in France three years ago and both claim that the best thing to come out of the workshop was each other. How sweet is that?
Jeanne and Alexis
Photo by Paula Fava

Jeanne is an artist and an entrepreneur with a network of over 8,000 members who take classes with the many artists Jeanne has cultivated on her site. I know, because I have taken several classes there myself before I even met Jeanne. My santos dolls that I made, yep, that was from her site in Jennifer Rizzo’s class. Jeanne and her husband have a clear vision of where they want to go and believe me, with Jeanne at the helm, they will get there. Their next adventure, The Living Studio, City Walks Around The World. The first is Lake Como next June.

I am so blessed to have met both of these young women and they hold a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see them again.

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  1. epgeorge says:

    Posted/Scheduled for 11/17/2013 at 10;00 A.M. Mountain



  2. Alexis says:

    so amazingly thoughtful. thank you for all your kind words. I adore you and can not wait to see you again. I really want to figure out a way to come when Jeanne is there. I will work on it :). lots of love!!!! oxoxoxox


    1. Please work hard on that…..we’ll talk. Love you, too.


  3. Amy Persons says:

    Beautiful. I imagine they are very grateful for your friendship as well.


    1. As I am of yours, mi amiga.


  4. Cynthia says:

    What a great post about two of my new favourite people! I am grateful to have met all three of you!!


    1. And we are of you, Ms. Cynthia, our Canadian friend


  5. What a wonderful post Kathie, and I can just tell from the smiles that this certainly was a highlight of your trip. Hope the 3 of you will be able to connect again.


    1. Hope to see them in May when Jeanne is coming to Bainbridge Island to teach.


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