Shared Artwork, San Miguel de Allende

In a previous post, I mentioned that several of us painted the same image during our workshop in San Miguel de Allende. This all started because Jeanne Oliver brought an article from Elle Magazine on Lisa Stokes, which is quite a fascinating read. She was telling Katie that she wanted to try something different and restrictive. Katie told her to go for it and started painting it as well. Judy and I decided to join them. Here is the original painting by Lisa. Thank you Jeanne for bringing the image to the workshop, and thank you Lisa for the inspiration. Judy did hers in her journal, Jeanne used only a palette knife, and Katie and I used our fingers with a little assist of a paintbrush now and then. I love how we all interpreted it differently Katie with hers. Isn’t her smile contagious? So adorable.1462917_10151684551091496_1248345901_n

And mine. Katie and I painted on plaster and covered ours with encaustic wax.kjv

You can find more of Lisa’s work on facebook and on her website.

Later, after Katie returned from visiting a gallery, she had a catalog of images by Federico Correa, and picked one for us to paint, a very difficult one as it turned out. This time Katie, Karen Cole, Judy and I painted. I loved this exercise and enjoyed pushing myself outside of my usual painting style. We decided that this is a very useful exercise during a workshop.

Here’s the original painting by Correa.
Salamander..Virgil….Infierno by Federico Correa
Four interpretations of Federico Correa’s painting. Clockwise, top left by me, right by Karen Cole, then Katie Kendrick and finally, Judy Wise

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  1. Amy Persons says:

    I always enjoyed working on the same project with others and admiring the different results. Looks like you got to experience quite a bit of that magic. Wonderful!


    1. I had so much fun, Amy. It was freaking awesome.


  2. I wish I had been there. Want to do this with y’all!


    1. judywise says:

      We need to do this again, Sharon. Would have loved to have seen what you would have painted.


      1. I felt like I was in Diary of Faces again, Sharon. Would have loved having you there.


  3. epgeorge says:

    Posted to We Promote at 10 a.m. Mountain time – Right now.

    George P


  4. judywise says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kathy. It was really a fun and challenging experience!


    1. I agree, it didn’t look that hard when Katie picked it, but once you started, there were a lot of subtleties, Did I spell that right? LOL!


  5. steven wellman says:

    Interesting and I liked it.


    1. Thanks, Lucky. Different, right?


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