Magical San Miguel de Allende with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick

1450851_10151709478900458_364978133_nPilgrimage to Paint took place at Casa Carmen in San Miguel de Allende over week-long preparations for Dias de los Muertos by locals that culminated in the jardin, two blocks from our base. What a great week to meet new friends, known fondly as pilgrims, and to watch the town come alive with altars, parades, costumes, dances, and other special preparations for the three days over the weekend.

While the town made their creations, we prepared our plaster canvases, painted, waxed, made bracelets and canvas bags to carry our new treasures home in. Oh, and we drank a few margaritas, ginger ones specifically. They just kind of felt great on the back of your throat as the ginger lingered there. But I digress, back to the art.

My reasons for taking this trip were twofold, Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick. I love them both as artists and as women. What a fabulous week to just sit and paint with them and the other pilgrims. And we did a lot of that, sometimes choosing the same painting, with varying results. I loved that, it was so much fun to see what the others saw in the same painting. It was a special group of women who bonded together as one. We had a blast.

How we started the trip...... Photo by Paula Fava
How we started the trip……
Photo by Paula Fava; Judy Wise
Judy surprised us with these beautiful pictures
www.kathievezzani,com;Katie Kendrick
Before leaving for San Miguel, we had to send our wrist sizes to the organizer, Rebecca Brooks. Katie’s surprise was a bag of beautiful beads for each of us.
Photo by Paula Fava; Katie Kendrick
This captures the beautiful spirit of Katie Kendrick
Photo by Paula Fava
Photo by Paula Fava; Judy Wise
Our gifts from Judy

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for the Photo Credits! Appreciate it greatly! Been trying to pm you on FB … but, it won’t let me. We’ll talk soon;)).


    1. Thanks for letting me use your photos, Paula.


  2. Another great trip to put into your painting portfolio, and I bet those Margaritas were even better than described.You are certainly blessed my friend to be involved in such fabulous opportunities at this time in your life. Good on you.


    1. Thanks, Angela. The margaritas were fabulous.


  3. steven wellman says:

    Very good girls and what a place to take a class.


    1. It was a lot of fun, Lucky, and the class could have been anywhere with this group.


  4. {{ wasn’t that The Best Time …

    feeling so happy
    to have met you
    to have watched you PaintPlay …

    BTW, you
    are one of my newest inspirations }}

    yippee !!


    1. You are so sweet, Bonnie. Happy that you are part of my art family now.


  5. Cynthia says:

    Great post, love this collection of photos – reminds me yet again what a great time we had! And that I have some photos to send you as well!


    1. Yes, you had some great shots that I would like to include on images of San Miguel. Missing my tablemate.


  6. rebecca says:

    so beautiful to breathe in all the colour and warmth from our days in san miguel together. so glad to have met you kathie, what a wondreful gathering of hearts and minds.


  7. Amy Persons says:

    lovely! You can feel the creative energy and joy. So glad you were able to make this trip.


    1. Me, too, Amy. Wish you could have been there, too.


  8. Karen cole says:

    Love that group photo. I think the cohesiveness of this group really shows off well. So happy we are.


    1. Yes we were! Thanks for stopping by Karen.


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