Marquis de Scroll

Packing for an art retreat that you fly to is quite different from driving to one in terms of limitations. For me, I do not like to “pre-design” a project. I am very much in the moment, auditioning colors, images, ephemera as I create and so I like options. This five foot long scroll took some thought before I even packed my suitcase because, after all, 50 lbs is it, that’s all you get to take. Sometimes it isn’t enough.

My third class with Andrea Matus deMeng started out at a slow crawl. I was feeling hot and not in the flow until Andrea questioned my direction and what I had accomplished so far. She is so good at quietly guiding you. She knew that I loved the images I had chosen but I hadn’t really gotten into altering them. She took one image of a wing and laid it over a shoulder and that’s all it took and I was inspired.; mixed; mixed media; mixed media

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  1. WOW Kathie – how gorgeous the finished scroll is – and that I got to watch the first part evolve into this is just so very special. I remember when Andrea Matus DeMeng walked over and strategically “placed” that wing, and the rest is history now. Right on. Right on. xoxo,


    1. Thanks, mi amiga, could not have done it without your contributions as well.


  2. Betti Zucker says:

    On the wings of imagination. Fabulous creations. So midevial in spirit. Truly enjoyed your journey


    1. Thanks, Betti, there is one more that I will post after I return from Mexico.


  3. Amy Persons says:

    I can’t imagine packing for that trip, how in the world do you edit what to bring? This piece is rich and has your signature other-worldly quality I so enjoy.


    1. It drove me crazy trying to edit what I took. Luckily, Angela brought bags of paper and ephemera. That helped a lot!


  4. Bob Martin says:

    Your work continues to impress and amaze. This is exceptional, Kathie!


    1. Hi Bob, thank you so much for your comments. Glad to see you again!


  5. steven wellman says:

    Very good Kathie. Loved the concept and color. Great story.


    1. Thanks, Lucky, I am glad you got to see mine, too.


  6. Laura says:

    Beautiful! Or should I say “Bellissima!”? Andrea is such a wonderful teacher, she pushed me beyond my comfort level in a gentle way. It takes a good student to learn from the teacher, you are obviously a great student.


    1. You are so kind. I agree, Andrea is a great teacher and I have watched her inspire each person in her workshop in that magical way of hers.


  7. holiday geiger says:

    I love it!


    1. So glad you like it Holiday. I have to talk to you about Cuba and will message you soon.


  8. bridgette says:

    wonderful! so much richness in the colors and in the texture.


    1. Thanks, Bridgette. I am enjoying your new pieces of work. Nice to see you settling into your new life.


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