The Lure of Encaustic

So excited to see this issue of Somerset Studio come out so that I could show off Bridgette Guerzon-Mills’s encaustic/plaster books! Such a great class and I met some wonderful artists who have become friends, including Bridgette. And fun to see that Stampington & Company’s, Erika Ferguson, designed one of the free artists’ paper with images from one of my books, too. That was a surprise. Thanks, Stampington, for sharing my work in such a beautiful, creative 6-page layout.; Stampington & Co.; encaustics; encaustic
Encaustic Article

I’m on my way to yes, yet another workshop, this time in San Miguel de Allende with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick for Pilgrimage in Paint organized by Rebecca Brooks. There are two separate groups with a total of 23 artists attending. Everyone is making Artist Trading Cards, so of course, mine had to be made with encaustics. I bought this wonderful item from Anne Beach and was itching to try it with wax so that’s what I used for these cards.; encaustics

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  1. Congrats to you Kathie on being included in this issue of Somerset Studio. Your star just keeps rising. Just love the ATC’s from the press you got from Anne Beach. I’m sure you will figure out lots of other ways to use it as well. Keep on truckin’ girlfriend and have fun in your next workshop. I know whatever you do will be fabulous.


    1. Gracias, mi amiga. Looking forward to spending time with Judy and Katie. Are you going to Katie’s workshop in San Diego?


  2. Amy Persons says:

    These are so beautiful. Congratulations on being published. I will look for this issue, can’t wait to read it. Give my warmest regards to San Miguel, I miss it there very much.


    1. I will, Amy, I hope to see Michael and Val on the day before I leave SMA. I will post pictures when I can.


  3. Seth says:

    So many exciting things happening for you Kathie. Congratulations! And isn’t Bridgette the best?!


    1. She is, Seth, as is Crystal. Thanks for stopping by. I am enjoying reading about the artists in your new book.


  4. steven wellman says:

    Fantastic! Looks hard, Kathie.


    1. Thanks, Lucky, the press made it a very interesting project.


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