My Story Tellers

My third class with Tory Brokenshire was entitled, Story Tellers.

Akin to the Santos dolls I made earlier, each of these little creatures as they are being sculpted, come alive with their own stories. The Keeper of Secrets is a modern day Jack-in-the-Box, holding secrets inside where treasures can be buried and opened when needed.; assemblage
Story Teller by Kathie Vezzani; assemblage
Assemblage by Kathie Vezzani

Prince Albert warns everyone to take care of themselves, eat healthily and don’t smoke because look what can happen to your head!; assemblage
Assemblage by Kathie Vezzani

This class was a lot of fun and I highly recommend taking workshops with Tory if you are at all interested in making these assemblages. She is accompanied by the greatest dog ever, Radish. Such a sweet boy.;

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  1. And here I thought Alexz was the greatest dog ever !!! I can see from both of these wonderful creation, just what a good teacher Tory Brokenshire is, and what a fabulous time you must have experienced letting them come to life and tell their stories. 🙂


  2. Tory Brokenshire says:

    Thank you so much for all the kind words Kathie. It really helps when the student is an excellent artist! I thoroughly enjoyed our days creating together – thanks!


    1. I enjoyed them, too, Tory, it was worth the wait! Hope we can create together again, or have a play date.


  3. LOVE these and love what Albert has to say! Excellent work! Kudos to teacher too.


    1. Albert is quite intelligent, don’t you think? LOL. Thanks for your kind words.


  4. Iknowyou-youknowme says:

    Good teacher, good student, great end results. And, good boy, Radish! treats for everybody!


    1. Thanks! I would like my treat to be dark chocolate, please.


  5. Amy Persons says:

    Love Albert’s hand. Expressive!


    1. Thanks, Amy, did you show this to Duncan?


  6. Ellen Schwab says:

    These are wonderful, Kathie! So fun!


    1. Looking forward to seeing your projects, Ellen.


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