Miss Pimm, fairy godmother to emerging writers

Do you ever wonder how that elusive phrase or “just right” word appears in your mind as you struggle to write? Meet Miss Pimm, the fairy godmother who flits about waving her magic pen, helping emerging writers to create their best work. And you thought it was you being so clever, didn’t you?

www.kathievezzani.com; wire sculpture; doll
Wire sculpture by Kathie Vezzani
www.kathievezzani.com; sculpture; assemblage
Wire figure by Kathie Vezzani

Thank you Tory Brokenshire for an amazing class and for teaching me a new weapon in my artistic arsenal.

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  1. Sharon Lynn Williams says:

    HI Kathy: I subscribed to your blog and it came today, but without the images! Do you have any idea why not??


    1. No, but click on the title and it should bring you right here……


  2. WOW Kathie, She is just too cute for words. FYI, I also received no photos from your last three posts.


    1. Someone else commented on that, too. I don’t know why. I’ll have to look into it.


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