Melting waxy loveliness

Who knew going to my yoga class that morning that I would make a connection for waxy goodness? Linda was carrying a box of honey that her husband makes and was selling them to people in class. I asked her what he did with the wax and she told me that they usually threw it away. I told her that I would be very interested in buying whatever wax he had and explained that I use it to paint with.

Here is some of the wax that I remelted and added damar resin to make my medium. Look at the colors, aren’t they amazing and so different.
Yummy encaustic wax

I am so excited to belong to a small group of encaustic artists called the E-Hive. We are exploring Judy Wise’s Hot Wax Workshop E-Course and making assignments each month as sort of an encaustic bookclub. This is really going to help me gain more experience using encaustics. I highly recommend Judy’s course, the information is extensive, organized beautifully with lots of videos and a thorough list of questions and answers at the end listing resources with links. Worth every penny and then some!

This month’s E-Hive assignment from Kristina is nature. This is what I started with using several of the techniques from the workshop including excavating, intaglio, cavo-relievo, texture and glazing.; encaustic

It was just too white for me and after I made my new medium, I decided to add a layer of the greener color. What do you think?, encaustic
Falling Into You

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Kathie, I love this! I have Judy’s DVD. Need to spend some time with it. I have some friends that have bees…I’ll need to have a talk with them. 🙂


    1. Why don’t you do this with us, Cheryl. I will tell you what the assignment is each month and you can post it on Facebook and I will share it with the other Ehivers. Please, this will be fun!


  2. Betti Zucker says:

    I adore your work. The hand made yellow waxy goodness truly was a fabulous choice. It made your work sing creatively.


    1. Thanks, Betti. I think it made it zing, too.


  3. H says:

    I so enjoyed seeing your work in person. You really have a sophisticated eye for recreating beauty out of found, old, rusty stuff. The wax process is really an interesting dimension.
    I found the other box of stuff I had meant to bring. I’ll get it the mail soon.
    And i love my new bolsita.
    We had a wonderful visit, thank you.


    1. We loved having you here, Holiday. I am happy that you love your purse, let’s see a picture with you wearing it on Facebook. Thanks, too, for the nice words about my work and especially for garage hunting with me.


  4. Ooooh – the new golden tone made this perfect!


    1. Thanks, Susan, I think it made a difference, too.


  5. Linda Todd says:

    The gold tones remind me of sweet thick honey. Thanks for showing me how you incorporate bees wax into your art. Love it!


    1. No, thank you, Linda, and your husband, too. So glad we made the connection!


  6. steven wellman says:

    Very interesting. And beautiful. Lucky


  7. Amy Persons says:

    This positively glows. I can only imagine how lovely it is in person.


    1. It’s even more beautiful now that Bob has framed it.


  8. decorartuk says:

    Very interesting method, Kathie. Love the result!


    1. Thanks! I am anxious to get back in the studio and play with some of the other wax I made, too..


  9. Mmmm, I can smell the wax. What a score finding a very local source.


    1. I know, right? Hope you are or did have fun at the conference.


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