Autumn’s Whisper

Autumn's Whisper
Autumn’s Whisper

Our summer has been fabulous in the Pacific Northwest, but I know it is drawing to a close, despite the recent 90 degree day we just had, because the spiders are spinning their intricate webs among my vine maples. It’s always an amazing sight in the morning or early evening as the sun is setting. This encaustic piece says it all in its title, “Autumn’s Whisper.”

Didn’t Builder Bob do a great job on this recessed frame?

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  1. Betti Zucker says:

    Kathi, so how come we see nature in the same light but don’t live close enough to each other? I close my eyes and see the spiders, the wind is blowing and yes, autumn is whispering in my ear. Your new piece speaks my language. just beautiful


    1. Thanks, Betti, I could hear your voice in my head as I read your comment. Hugs!


  2. Elaine Garcia-Gonzalez says:

    Kathie, I really love Autumn’s Whisper. It is so delicate and serene.


    1. Elaine, my friend, did you get my message yesterday? Can we talk tomorrow?


  3. Judie Hill says:

    Always learn something new from you. Encaustic was a new word. Lovely work and nice frame! We just left Prague. It has to be the worlds most beautiful city. Budapest is OK but nothing like Prauge. Having a great time, but your weather is better. Hugs from Judie and Doyle

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    1. Bob and I want to hear all about your trip upon your return! Do you know what encaustic is? Beeswax!


  4. steven wellman says:

    I really like this one Kathie. Composition is wonderful, plus your colors are really soothing. Well done!


    1. Thanks, Lucky, I’m glad that you found it soothing. I did, too.


  5. Amy Persons says:



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