On my easel


It’s been a while since I painted. She’s who emerged, hands and all. I can already tell that she is a bit sassy. This will be a good challenge.

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  1. Iknowyou-youknowme says:

    Oh, Kathie, she’s full,of life and so elegant! Enjoy the process.


    1. I will, I am already daydreaming about color combinations. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Betti Zucker says:

    Kathie, I just love her face. Can’t wait to see the finish piece


    1. Thanks, Betti. I can’t wait either!


  3. Suzanne Mobberley says:

    im liking this


    1. Not too scary for you this time?


  4. steven wellman says:

    Wow! Kathie I really like this piece of Art! Lucky.


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