Monoprints and Collographs, encaustic

This is my favorite piece that came out of Trish Saggebruch’s dyeing class at Encausticamp. I prepared the board by using a djanting tool to create a design using wax, then I dipped the board in several layers of dye, added more wax, oils and then a transfer. The colors are very soothing to me.

In Judy Wise’s Collograph and Monoprint class, I learned how to use encaustic wax two different ways. The first method called collograph involved using an acrylic plate, wax, inks and an etch press which created very interesting prints. I especially liked the ghost prints, which are more muted, that were made after the initial pressing.

The second method, monoprint, was done on an aluminum plate on top of a griddle. We used color blocks of encaustic wax to create a pattern then laid a piece of sumi paper over the top of the design and ran a brayer over it. It was fascinating to see what designs were created by the hot wax meeting the paper. We were very fortunate in our session to have Carol Myers who makes the most beautiful monoprints in her studio in Michigan. She was a bonus lesson! You can see Carol using the hot box in class in Judy’s posting here.

Next year’s Encausticamps are already filling up. If you are interested go here. I’ve already signed up for the one in Federal Way and I understand Bali is almost full.

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  1. Michele Emma says:

    Very interesting techniques!


    1. Hi Michelle! Which one did you find yourself drawn to?


  2. Daryle Cook says:

    Kathy… This piece using dye and encaustic technique (from Trish’s class) just “pulls you in” and has such an appealing attraction. Very, very cool! Daryle, from Woodstown Whimsies


    1. Hi Daryle, thanks for stopping by. You should have seen the vats full of everyone’s pieces. It was interesting to see what each person pulled from the vats and the depth of color each one had.


  3. Reblogged this on notes to the milkman and commented:
    Some gorgeous and very interesting work here!


    1. Thanks! I enjoyed playing around with the techniques.


  4. I can’t keep track anymore of all the techniques you are experimenting with at present. Can I come stay with you for a week and get it all through osmosis. It’s just so thrilling to see all of this great stuff. You go girlfriend.


    1. I think it would take more than a week…….


  5. Amy Persons says:

    Beautiful images. I would love to watch how these are made – always more complex than we think!


    1. You would enjoy making these, Amy. Some day…..


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