I entrapped, twisted, stitched, waxed and wove with Shannon Weber

Want to follow a road less traveled? That first sentence definitely was written by someone who knows how to grab my attention. As Randi Harper, owner of The Ranch Arts & Crafts Center in Snohomish County, WA, shared the description for Adventures of the Woven Vessel, a three day workshop with the colorful Shannon Weber, a mixed media fiber artist from Cottage Grove, Oregon. Turns out, Shannon knows my friend, Judy Wise from their days of showing at the Bellevue Arts Fair.

Shannon’s work crosses the lines between ancient weaving and contemporary forms with a mixture of a variety of materials from nature and domestic castoffs. She incorporates organic materials including kelp, bark, pods, and anything that appeals to her as she combs through the woods, beaches and streets she travels. My kind of woman! You can follow Shannon on her Facebook page and see more of her work on her website.

www.kathievezzani.com; www.shannonweber.com
Shannon Weber
Work by Shannon Weber
Colorful work by Shannon Weber

It seems I am attracted to using encaustic wax, but also embedding things into it as I am equally pulled toward assemblages. In this class I was able to further explore these techniques and to learn from some of the very experienced artists and weavers that joined me for three days. You can see some of their work on my facebook page.

Here is the gang of artists.

Woven Vessels Artists with Shannon Weber at The Ranch

You can find out more about the Ranch Arts & Crafts Center on facebook.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy Persons says:

    wonderful pieces. i really enjoyed seeing these.


    1. Amy, make sure you go to her website and look at her portfolio. The colorful baskets are made with cane that she paints and the pieces made with kelp are amazing.


  2. You ladies sure look like you are having fun.


    1. We did and, of course, that was the goofy picture that was taken after the more “professional” ones.


  3. steven wellman says:

    Shannon Weber looks like an interesting person. Colorful work & Person. Looks like fun, fun, fun all around. To bad we couldn’t see your work Kathy for the head that was in the way. oops! All around good work by all. Lucky.


    1. I’ll be posting my work tonight or tomorrow, Lucky, so you will have a chance to see it.


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