The beautiful spirit of artist, Judy Wise, Judy Wise, Encausticamp
Judy Wise’s encaustic, monotype, plaster creation from EncaustiCamp 2013

I first met Judy Wise when she, Stephanie Lee and Katie Kendrick crashed my Misty Mawn class at the last Artfest. They quietly sat at their table journaling and painting while we took direction from Misty. I had a few trades left and shared them with them. Not knowing who Judy was, I introduced myself. I began to get acquainted with her while watching the Plaster Studio E-course that she did with Stephanie Lee (loved it!) and then her E-course on cold wax (still playing with this method). I took her printmaking with Wax: Collograph and Monoprint at this year’s EncaustiCamp and in October, I am going to the week-long course in Pilgrimage in Paint in San Miguel de Allende with Judy and Katie. There’s room for 3 more, if you are interested.

During open studio at EncaustiCamp, Judy asked me about the plaster that we used in Trish Seggebruch’s Dyeing in Encaustic class. I just happened to have an extra cradled board by “Builder Bob” in my car and told Judy that she could play with it. I could tell that she wanted to.

So this is what she made with one of her monotypes and playing around with the plaster, wax and paint. I am now the proud owner of this piece because the beautiful and generous Judy insisted that I have it. Love this woman already and can’t wait for our time together in Mexico. She is funny and has a wonderful spirit.

(Judy is standing on her tippy toes so she doesn’t look short next to me….too funny, Judy!)

Judy posted about her classes on her blog showing class examples for monoprints and collographs. There are three postings. The monoprints are done on anodized aluminum plates on top of hot plates and the collographs are done on a press. Both, of course, using wax. I am honored that Judy shared some of my monoprints on her blog.

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  1. How exciting Kathie, and what a buzz kill when I clicked on the workshop in San Miguel de Allende just now to see it is fully booked 😦 I get now what you meant about “jumping right on” or I’d be out of luck. I’ll be playing closer attention from now on. 🙂


    1. But it’s not full, according to Judy, there are three spots open. We had cancellations.


  2. steven wellman says:

    Interesting concept.


    1. Do you like it, Lucky?


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