Rosita’s friends stopped by

Rosita’s friends arrived this weekend and Agnes became flustered during all the activity and decided she needed more air. She’s a demanding one.

Santos Dolls,
Rosita’s friends

St. Ana loves her bracelets and isn’t above waving her arms a lot to direct everyone’s attention to what she is saying. She’s the one in the middle with the gazillion bracelets on her arms.

Santos Dolls,
Sophia, St. Ana and Maria
Santos Dolls,
Genivive and St. Elizabeth

Genivive and St. Elizabeth like to stand a little taller than the rest, although Genivive can get quite grumpy. And here’s Agnes with her new attire. She thinks she looks divine.

Santos Doll,
St. Agnes, Santos Doll

These dolls were created for my booth at the upcoming Proctor Arts Festival August 3 in Tacoma, WA. I’m in booth 511.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Loving these ladies – such cuties !!!!


    1. Thanks, Angela, looking forward to reading your next post.


  2. Amy Persons says:

    What a charming group!


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