An Open Letter to WordPress

Dirty Laundry
Be Mindful of Where You Air Your Laundry

Dear policymakers at WordPress:

Imagine my surprise when I responded to a comment left on my blog this morning on my phone and saw that WordPress had placed an unsolicited ad on my posting. This might be slightly less offensive had I been using the free WordPress platform, but I am not. I pay for my domain and website so the fact that WordPress now thinks they can place these ads on my website that I pay for without my permission is beyond my comprehension. And guess what, the privilege of NOT having these ads? It will cost me more than what I pay for my domain and website each year.

WordPress, I respectfully ask that you get the hell off my website and I shouldn’t have to pay you to do that. Dumb policy.

Kathie Vezzani

To my followers, please tell me what you think since you are the ones inflicted with these ads when you leave a comment.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I haven’t noticed any ads, or maybe I’m so busy I just tune them out. Anyway, hope you contacted WordPress about this…


  2. Holiday says:

    Wow! I totally agree with you.


  3. Amy Persons says:

    I am weary of constantly being “marketed to”. It’s intrusive. You make a salient point – you pay for the domain and therefor should be able to control its content. I’m glad you pointed this out to them.


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