Live your Life with Intention
Live Your LIfe with Intention
by Kathie Vezzani

Quick piece on watercolor paper using stencils, acrylics, tissue and pan pastels. It’s been a whirlwind week, birthday, and a visit from a long-time friend from college and her husband. In fact, Maggie was our maid of honor at our wedding nearly 35 years ago. She’s known my husband as long as I have. It’s great when you have someone who knows “everything” and is your champion. This lovely piece will now hang in her new home and I am thrilled that she bought my homage to my grandmother for her beloved sister, Bee.

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  1. Amy Persons says:

    Strong work. I love the colors and the strong face.


    1. Thanks, Maggie says most of my “girls” are not happy but she liked this one. They just moved into a new house, so I am thrilled that she wanted it. Already said that, didn’t I…..


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