20 Minute Painting Challenge


As a member of the Trodden Path, I belong to several groups, including the newly formed 20-minute painting challenge. This is my first effort and I can tell you that it is very difficult to put my brush down when the timer goes off. I must confess, though, that I did add a few more strokes later on around her eyes. Just had to, they were bugging me.

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  1. Amy Persons says:

    You got a lot done in 20 minutes. The features are nicely developed as it the background. Well done.


    1. Thank you, Amy, it was not as bad a process as I envisioned.


  2. Karen says:

    Your work is amazing!
    I still have a girl you painted at my studio and gave to me. I’m very happy for you and I enjoy your talent !


    1. Thank you, Karen. Did you see that I took an encaustic class? I thought of you when I was there. Are you still dabbling in wax?


  3. Another great 20 minute piece Kathie. This is definitely on my “to do” list now. xoxo


    1. Well, do it and let’s see it on your blog!


  4. Holiday says:

    You’re having so much fun and success with your creativeness, I enjoy and envy. Bien decho, Querida


    1. Milagracias, mi amiga. Hope you are healing quickly.


  5. steven wellman says:

    Kathy, you did really great on this one-Loved it! Definitely a free spirit you’ve obtained!


    1. Thanks, Lucky, it was more fun than I thought it would be.


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