Homage to a grandmother

Assemblage by Kathie Vezzani

When I was a young, every summer I carefully planned my sewing project that I would make while at my grandmother’s for the weekend. Since I was tall at a very young age, buying clothes was always a nightmare, so my grandmother, a retired home economics teacher, taught me how to sew my own. I anticipated “the project” pouring over Butterick, Vogue (beyond my capabilities then), Simplicity and McCall pattern books. I made bathing suits and cover ups, peasant blouses (yes, I am dating myself), hot pants (seriously, that was what they were called, it had nothing to do with my moral character), dresses and pants. Going through the fabrics in the store was exhilarating, textures, colors and graphics appealed to me even then. Notions? Even more fun. To this day, my heart quickens when I see a bolt of fabric that catches my eye and I think of what I could make with it.

This mixed media/assemblage started with the piece of scrap wood. It appealed to me and as I was rifling through my stash, I spied the rusty pair of scissors and my mind connected to my grandmother. This piece is in honor of her. Thank you, Grandma, for igniting my senses and giving me skills that I use to this day.

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  1. holiday geiger says:

    Nope, it’s #0982 and she’s got butterflies in her hair.


    1. Okay, the same size as mine?


  2. Great post!

    I was raised by my grandmother, who used to sew, sew, and sew on an ancient Singer, which is now worth a lot of money. She could look at a garment, and make it. She also made all of her quilts by hand. As I become older, I really appreciate the hard work of many grandmothers, who are sometimes taken for granted.

    Thank you for writing about your grandmother!



    1. I still have my Singer from 30 years ago. Still go back to it because I can rely on it, unlike the newer version I bought for the freehand stitching capabilities. How lucky were you to have such a talented grandmother. I hope that you still have some of her quilts. Thanks for stopping by.


      1. You’re welcome!

        When she crossed over, my aunt took the quilts, and the Singer sewing machine. She really appreciated my grandmother’s talent.



  3. Virginia says:

    I really like this one, Kathie. I too had to learn to sew (create something) under my grandmother’s instructions. Un fortunately she wasn’t great with fabric so she taught me to knit and crochet. Doesn’t every one need crocheted place mats with ruffles for a table of 8?


    1. Absolutely, Virginia! Glad you were able to get on to your computer today.xx


  4. I remember you talking about this idea when you were here and it’s so great to see it materialized. Such a great story too. xoxoxo


    1. I think my grandmother would just look at this and go, what? Still, she would be touched that I made it in honor of her. At least I hope so. What do you think, Julie?


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