Go For a Spin, Big Boy?

While in Puebla recently, I visited what is known as Alley of the Frogs where on the weekend, people bring their items to sell on the square. While not there on the weekend, I did visit some of the permanent shops and found a few items for my assemblages. And in Mexico City, every Saturday at the San Angel Market, artists display their work in two of the squares. There is a small place for vendors as well where I found a few crusty items. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the Mercado de Antiguedades de la Lagunilla on Paseo de la Reforma where I was told you could find even more. It’s open every Sunday. When you look at some of the pictures, I am REALLY sorry I didn’t get to go there. Jorge and Craig, next trip, okay?

Kathie Vezzani, found treasures
Treasures found in Puebla and Mexico City

Here is my first assemblage using some of my found objects. The title, Go for a Spin, Big Boy? The base is a wooden cigar box which I covered with a picture frame. The finished size is 9″x7″.

Kathie Vezzani Assemblage, Go For A Spin, Big Boy?
Go For a Spin, Big Boy?
Assemblage by Kathie Vezzani


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  1. Ana says:

    Vera nice!!!


    1. Hey, there you are. If you hit the like button, your little avatar picture will show up. Thanks for stopping by, mi amiga.


  2. Amy Persons says:

    Very cool iron pieces you found. Love the title of this one!


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