Craig Hudson of The Red Tree House Rocks!


Isn’t this piece by Craig Hudson owner of The Red Tree House, a B&B in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, wonderful? And where was it? In one of the guest rooms. I had a delightful time discussing Craig’s art with him while our group stayed in his and his partner Jorge’s wonderful B&B. I highly recommend it. Great staff, beautifully decorated rooms, wonderful breakfasts and very congenial, fun hosts. Did I mention, too, how generous? When there was a little rooming snafu, Craig and Jorge moved out of their own apartment so that three of us could share their beautiful home.

Craig is originally from Ashland, OR where he is associated with theater in the small town known for its Shakespeare Festival (and Anahata Katkin’s Papaya), and where he returns every 5 or 6 weeks. Craig says that most of his assemblage pieces have some type of motion. I wanted to just jump off the tour and practice a little art with Craig, but alas, duty called.

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  1. kay :) says:

    love it, Kathie & Craig!


    1. As do I, Kay. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Amy Persons says:

    LOVE the Red Tree House! And I’m happy your art world was reflected there. so cool.


    1. Wait until you see the piece that was hanging in their apartment. Stunning.


  3. holiday geiger says:

    *Yep, that was in our room. Loved it, as I did the entire trip. You guys pulled it off wonderfully. Did your migraine ever retreat? I hope you’ll continue now that Marilyn has stepped back.* *L/ H*


    1. Thanks, Holiday. I appreciate your feedback. It wasn’t me with the migraine…who had one? Have a great weekend.


  4. Craig Hudson says:

    I just saw this and am honored that you have included my piece. It was a little present to Jorge for his 38th birthday. We are looking forward to seeing you this fall. Craig


    1. Hi Craig! So happy you stopped by. Unfortunately, I won’t be there in September, only Ana Elena and Ricardo. Sigh. I would love to see more of your work, though, so I will check in on your Facebook.


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