Todo dulce in Puebla, Mexico


This month’s culinary trip with Culinary Adventures (my other job) was to Mexico City, but first I visited mi amiga, Ana Elena Martinez, a wonderful pastry chef who lives in Puebla, Puebla. Together, we are the “keepers” of information for Marilyn Tausend, the owner of Culinary Adventures, Inc. For over 16 years we have worked together to make sure that these culinary adventure trips go off without a hitch…..well, for the most part, things do happen like on this trip where half of us got sick with a 24 hour virus. Who brought that on the trip?! For the women, it was a 24 hour weight loss program.

Before our trip began, I visited Ana Elena and her daughter, Ana Jose, in their home in Puebla. This was my second trip to Puebla and I was excited to see Ana Elena’s new Margu bakeries with two already bustling stores with a third in construction, as well as an addition to her production facility. While there, she was very busy filling orders so I did a little art to keep myself busy and gave it to her wonderful staff as a parting gift. Sorry the picture in the baking room is not that great, there wasn’t a lot of room to take a picture and the only large space had the shaded window behind it.


Ana Elena carved some time out of her very busy schedule to take me into downtown where I found these treasures for future assemblages. You should have seen the faces of the locals when Ana Elena explained to them that I was looking for dolls so that I could take them apart and use them in my art. I even tried to give the clothes back from a couple of dolls to the shopkeeper and she just looked at me like I was nuts. Well, I am a little.


And after all that, look what was waiting for me from my wonderful, incredibly talented art friend, Sunny Carvalho. I’m looking forward to using these pieces in future assemblages. Maybe a Santos or two, too.


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  1. So funny that you were in Mexico and looking for doll heads just as I was sending you some!! LOL Glad it worked out that way! Welcome home. You should have plenty of art to make now! xoxo


    1. Wish you could have been there when I lined these up on my kitchen island before Andrew and his friend, Richard walked in. I knew it would freak them out.


  2. Elaine Gonzalez says:

    Loved hearing about your latest adventure in Mexico. I was especially pleased to hear about Ane’s sweet success story. Your interest in buying the naked dolls reminds me of the many treasures I used to find tucked away in little corners throughout Mexico. Some of my favorites became chocolate moulds that I still treasure today. Hope to see you one day.


    1. Mi compadre, me too! We tried to call you several times while I was in Puebla. We miss you on each one of these trips.


  3. PAT WARNER says:

    Welcome back. Sounds like a great trip. Seems like forever since I have seen you Pat

    On Tue, 26 Feb 2013 17:03:09 +0000


    1. It has! I will share my stories and you can tell me about Hawaii on Thursday. Saw the video on Nancy’s dance. Bob was sorry that you forgot him………LOL!


  4. k8daniel says:

    oh those dolls parts so so cool! I was laughing when you spoke of the locals wondering what you were doing taking the dolls apart… 🙂 and what a lovely soul that Sunny is. can’t wait to see your artwork!!


    1. It was hysterical. I could see at what point they understood what Ana Elena was saying and would look at me with this wonder on their face!


  5. Bob Martin says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty that your spirit creates with these new treasures!


    1. Aw, thanks, Bob. I hope to see your mom tomorrow.


  6. Amy Persons says:

    Oh, this is rich! I can easily picture the scene as Ana Elena explains what you want. Nice to see Ane’s bakery and staff too. Gracias!


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