A Delightful Belarus Painter

Meet Anna Silivonchik a young artist from Minsk, Belarus. I was drawn to her paintings because of their dreamy, colorful, playful qualities. She says that “every new painting is a graphic work that is just a new fascinating journey to mysterious lands, where fantastic miracles and astonishing discoveries are awaiting for the explorer.” Thank you for the delightful journey, Anna

Let's Play Love



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  1. Yes i agree, very strong dream element to these, very whimsical. I like her work too, well spotted.


    1. Thanks, Sherrah. Your blog about men and what they wear cracked me up. Pleated pants? Really?!


      1. I happy we are both enjoying each other’s blogs, wordpress is the only people like us can meet ^^


  2. k8daniel says:

    oh how fun! a few of those really made me smile


    1. Me, too, Kate. Have a great first wedding valentine day.


      1. k8daniel says:

        oh I never thought of that…first wedding valentine day. 🙂 lots of love to you too!


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