Making art on the plane–without scissors!

Quick collages made on the plane on my way to visit my friend, Angela, in San Diego. We had lunch at The Blind Burro, Sara Polczynski’s new restaurant in the Gaslamp District. Sara has created Baja influenced dishes that are clean, fresh tasting and satisfying. Angela had the shrimp tacos and roasted corn side, and I had the snow crab. The playful interior design was a delight and we loved sitting under a picture of a burrow’s nose. Nice job, Sara!

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  1. Be careful with those scissors Kathie! How fun to make art in the air! Looks just adorable!


    1. LOL, Stephani–I didn’t use scissors! Yes, these were a lot of fun, already gave one away to my friend’s roommate. We’re going to make more art tonight as a break. Wait until you see my friend’s studio, you won’t believe it……….I’m going to post pictures soon.


  2. k8daniel says:

    wow – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone make art on a plane before – good for you! 🙂


    1. Hi married lady! Surely you jest that you have not seen anyone make art on the plane before on one of your many plane rides to art festivals????? Hope all is well.


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