The Mysteries of Margo Selski’s paintings

Margo Selski7
Gazing into artist Margo Selski’s magical paintings is looking into an old world that never existed. Her style  reminds me very much of another of my favorite artists, Anne Siems. The paintings draw you in at first glance, then intrigue makes you study them because there are so many layers, symbols and stories woven into the imagery.

In an article written by Marianne Combs, Minnesota Public Radio, Selski said she wants to lure people to the paintings with playful images and a balanced composition. Then as they continue to stare, they begin to comprehend and explore the uneasy nature of this world.

In many of  Selski’s paintings, ghostly images of characters seem to hang in the air. Selski says she’s recreating a phenomenon called “pentimento.” Old masters would sometimes change their minds halfway through a canvas, and paint out a character. But over time, the image would reappear.

Selski,  pictured below, says she uses images not to tell a story, but to evoke a sense of place and mystery, the same way  she approaches her life, and her art; with a desire to be both wild and in control.

selski_largeMargo Selski4

Margo Selski3 (1) Margo Selski1 Margo Selski5 Margo Selski01
Margo Selski2 Margo Selski3

You can see more of Selski’s work and her bio here.

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  1. aubrey says:

    How perfectly ravishing. Those faces seem to be lifted from a Van Eyck portrait. I see magic, mystery, moods, the ocean, the renaissance and so much more!


  2. I like Margo Selski’s artwork and vivid colors. Thanks for posting.


    1. You are welcome, Mary. I was happy to find her work. So many artists I have yet to discover!


  3. k8daniel says:

    yes very mysterious indeed!


    1. I’m just following you along as you search my site. This is fun, Kate, we’ll have to do it some more………..Aren’t these great paintings?


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