Mary has lost her lamb!

Mary/lamb, kathievezzani
Mary and her wandering lamb

Where or where can she be? This girl is so adorable, I had to make another mixed media piece featuring her, but this time with her little wandering lamb.

Available here. The size is 12″ x 24″.

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  1. karenfloyd says:

    Hi Kathie,

    Loving your work and your blog. I really like how it’s set up where people can Buy your art. Is it just a WordPress blog with Widgets???

    I’m in Dallas till Spring then I’ll be back in Sesttle.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. It’s just set up as individual pages with PayPal button that is linked to my art/price. With your family? Have a great time.


  2. Amy Persons says:

    Love the way the lamb is looking at the girl, and the translucence of her skirt.


    1. Thank you, Amy. Happy New Year!


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