Tugging on my heartstrings


My heart aches for those who lost their children, mother, sister, and yes, brother.
Mental illness is not enjoyable
for the one suffering
or the one watching, caring, and loving
Helplessness and frustration
The tension always twisting and turning
I paint for release
to open my heart and fly
Thankful for the opportunity
the escape
My wish for you
is that you have a happy, healthy new year
Tell those you care about
I love you, often and with a smile
Somehow through it all, they will hear you
tugging at their heartstrings

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elaine Garcia-Gonzalez says:

    Very sweet, yet full of meaningful thoughts that have already begun to tug on my heartstrings.


    1. Sweet Elaine, I love you! We need to Skype.


  2. That is beautiful, Kathie, both the painting and the sentiment. Thank you for sharing it. xoxo


    1. Thank you, Sunny, it meant a lot that you posted a comment. Xoxo


  3. Virginia says:



    1. Thank you, Virginia. Love you!


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